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All You Need to Know


1 - Payment in full is required upon delivery. Ride On Sports Maintenance retains the right to withhold return of equipment until payment is made in full.

2 - All parts provided by Ride On Sports Maintenance remain the property of Ride On Sports Maintenance until payment is made in full. If high cost parts are required for a repair or upgrade then a non-refundable 50% deposit for such parts will be required prior to work being carried out.

3 - Collection and drop off of equipment is complimentary within a 20-mile radius of Westhill, Aberdeenshire. A charge of 45p per mile will be levied over and above this distance.

4 - A minimum call out fee of £20.00 for labour will be charged. This fee will not be charged for work then carried out over this threshold.

5 - Service charges do not include parts unless otherwise stated.

6 - A bike storage fee of £5.00 per day, or part thereof, will be charged if return delivery cannot be completed within 3 days of notification of the completion of work.

7 - Bikes are required to be reasonably clean and free of heavy deposits of mud. An additional charge of £10.00 will be levied if the bike needs to be cleaned in order to safely carry out work.

8 - Ride On Sports Maintenance will carry out work in line with industry standards and hold all necessary insurances.

9 - Parts provided by Ride On Sports Maintenance will be covered by the manufactures warranty. Parts provided by the client will be their responsibility with regards to manufactures warranty claims. Ride On Sports Maintenance withholds the right not to use parts provided by the client if not deemed fit for purpose.

10 - Information Usage – Ride On Sports Maintenance respects the importance of your privacy and personal information provided on this form will only be used in relation to the services provided and will not be passed on to 3rd parties.

11 - Ride On Sports Maintenance retains the right to make, take and use pictures and/or films of the work carried out on equipment for promotional purposes.

12 - Cycling and cycle sports are by their nature dangerous and accidents can occur – Ride On Sports Maintenance advises regular servicing of equipment, safety checking of equipment prior to every ride and obeying the laws of the road. A cycling proficiency course is recommended. Participants in cycling should ensure they wear a helmet and other protective clothing/equipment as necessary and required by law. Ride On Sports Maintenance cannot be held liable for any injury, loss or damage caused or sustained nor for any proceedings, claims or actions raised as a result of or relating to participation in cycle activities. All rides and related activities are entirely at your own risk.

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